Who is Linda Haggh ? 

Hi! I’m Linda, Swedish born creator, photographer, nature lover, traveler, and I am deeply passionated about living a healthy plant - based lifestyle, being human, and every day sustainability.

My health journey started in 2011 when I found myself a bit lost in the modern society and my interest and curiosity led me to a degree in holistic nutrition and natural health, a HUGE change in my thinking and the way I was treating my body in order to find my way back to great health. I also started to fall deeply in love with mother earth and created a deep connection towards animals and the wonders of nature. 


Today I live a simple healthy life focusing on gentle day to day living and I love sharing all of my passions with you! I’m very committed to inspiring others to eat more plants in their everyday life. We live very close to nature and are working towards our dreams and goals to one day becoming sustainable and growing as much plantiful food as possible to nourish ourselves and our family. 

I hope you feel inspired and encouraged through what I’m creating to share what makes my healthy lifestyle simple and fun. You can also follow along my journey and everyday life through Instagram. Thank you so much for supporting our little community of curious and creative souls!

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