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I am Linda, based out of Sweden but mostly traveling the world. Here you will find my travel tips, healthy lifestyle tips, my personal style and lifestyle in general. Thank you for following on my new adventures.


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Black and White photoshoot X Abu Dhabi

Black and White photoshoot X Abu Dhabi

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Hello beauties and welcome to my site. The reason why this is my first post with these photos is simply because this is the very first photo shoot I ever did in Abu Dhabi with my first SLR camera. I remember it so well, I was starting to get more and more curious about photography and I would admire people who could tell so many amazing stories with photos. So, I was in New York and I decided to get my very first SLR camera, and so I did. (I will write another post about all the equipment and the camera I am using now in another post). I was so happy and I didn´t really share my content that much, except on my INSTAGRAM then I decided to take a break from photography and focus on my studies, but I really missed it so much.  

So I am very happy to say that I finally decided to create something for myself, and for you guys, cause you all know that my INSTAGRAM is limited and I can only create a small content for my pictures. I´ve been receiving such amazing feedback from all of you on a daily basis. So I decided to start my very own personal travel and lifestyle blog. And here it is. For all of you who don´t know me I´m based out of Sweden but most of the times traveling the world which is my biggest passion in life except from my healthy lifestyle and wellness. This blog will be my creative platform where I can share my articles and content about travel, health tips, favorit recipes, personal style and my lifestyle in general. 

So back to the photos of this post I wanted to share with you, from my collection this black and white photoshoot that´s from one of my favorite spots in Abu Dhabi. Me and one of my best friends loved to take photos together and find new spots in Abu Dhabi that was my home for 6 whole years. I personally love higher spots like for example in a big city, roof tops are excellent for that perfect light, which is everything. The photos are given that dirty look which I kinda like, even tho I have a much better lens now that takes super clear images, it´s nice with an old vintage touch on those photos. I like it. More adventures and travel to come, I am super excited and I can´t wait to share it all with you.  

X  and loads of Love 


From Riyadh to Jeddah and the Red Sea - Saudi Arabia

From Riyadh to Jeddah and the Red Sea - Saudi Arabia