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Mumbai shopping guide - Sarees and indian style dresses

Mumbai shopping guide - Sarees and indian style dresses

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I want to share with you all, where I bought my beautiful Sari that´s in this post, and where is the best places for shopping in Mumbai. Maybe not everyone will stay in Mumbai for as long as we did since we´re here for business, however, Mumbai is most of the times a place where you will connect to continue your onward journey to your next destination in India. 

A tip would be to stay here for a day or two, get your beautiful Sarees or Indian style dresses for your photo shoot that you will wear at your next destination that could be Taj Mahal or Jaipur. A complete Mumbai guide will come after we finish our trip. 

Mumbai is full of amazing fabrics and patterns in all colors and styles, I promise you that there is something for everyone. There are loads of amazing markets all around the city. 

I bought my Sarees in a small store behind The Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. It´s on the way to the veggie market on your left side leaving from Grand. Ask the hotel they will know. And then I just headed next door to the local tailor in the street. The store will show you if you can´t find it.  For about 300 INR (  40 SEK ) and ( 5 USD ) he took my measurements and custom made the top just like I wanted it, not too short but still showing a little belly, since I like the look of placing the Sari "skirt" high waist. The next day I picked it up late in the afternoon. For one Sari and the tailor all together I paid around 700 INR ( 80 KR ) ( 10 USD ) this is the price without even bargain. It´s already cheap. 

I will buy some more beautiful Indian style dresses before we go home. I love to have this kind of traditional style in photos when I am in a certain country. 

Other shopping places for your Mumbai visit:

Linking Road - Area: Bandra

This is where you´ll find all kind of street shopping. Stores mixed with "market" shopping, here you can find all types of clothing, footwear and nice sandals indian style, bags, and accessories. If you´re into bargaining this will be the place for you. I got one pair of cute sandals here and they where around 200 INR which is around 3 USD ( 25 KR ) so I really did not feel the need to bargain. 

Hill Road - Area: Bandra West

Here´s another place if you like to bargain. You will find all type clothes, cute shoes and sandals and antique jewelry. Hill road is also street shopping mixed with stores and boutiques. 

Hindrata cloth market HTC - Area: Parel Road, Dadar

Here you´ll find many beautiful already made dresses and sarees in all styles and colors and this is a wholesale market, so prices are really low. Ladies come from all over Mumbai to shop here, also popular place to shop for your wedding. 

Crawford Market

Located in South of Mumbai, this is probably the most crowded market in all of Mumbai. Any taxi driver will know when you tell them that you want to go to Crawford market. Here you will find anything you need. Not only did I get indian style fabrics for dresses, but also all my organic spices, my nose jewelry,  and all my bindis that I love so much in all type of bling, colors and designs. While you´re here you might as well visit Colaba cause it´s very near. 

Palladium Mall, High street Phoenix - Area: Lower Parel 

Now, Palladium is a luxury mall where you can find amazing shopping and designer brands. So if you´re ready to spend, this will be the place for you. I found one of my favorit designers here where I bought 2 beautiful dresses which I am sure you´ve seen on some of my photos on my instagram. Label, Ritu Kumar is a designer brand for young urban India. It´s very edgy and sharp with a bohemian touch, yet very feminine. I simply love this brand, it´s all me. You can see more of their brand and their beautiful collection here. - NOT SPONSORED -

I hope this little guide was helpful in this vibrant and busy city. Like I said earlier, my Mumbai guide will come, but once we´ve explored the whole city and our stay here. 

X Linda 

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