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PARIS - In The City Of Love For A Day

PARIS - In The City Of Love For A Day


Paris oh Paris! No wonder they call it the city of love. I will never get bored of this adorable city. I always leave with the feeling that I want to come back. And that´s a pretty amazing feeling.

Around every corner there are beautiful and really old buildings and giant old vintage doors that makes me wanna take a photo in front of all of them. 

But, we only had one day in Paris until we were leaving for the next city. And  I´ve done most of the touristic locations here, and there are just so many things to do. However, with a short stay and limited time a few of my favorite things to do is just to walk around in the city, stop at a cute coffee shop, pass by Tour de eiffel, stop for a ice cream, wander the cute, colorful and petit street of Rue Crémieux and just watch people. A little shopping is always on the list. If you have time you can stop by Musée de Orsay for some great photos at the clock. It´s a good view from up there too. 

One of my favorite areas that I love is Montmartre. Here you can find amazing location spots for great photos, cutest little streets, colorful and old kept little cafes and bakeries. If you like crepes and ice cream, here you´ll find some amazing ones. And there´s a great spot on the hill, from here you can even see Tour de eiffel from far. 

My favorit time to come to Paris is anytime. In the spring/ summer you can walk around outside and watch beautiful sunsets late at night. Cozy picknicks outside Tour de Eiffel or in a park in the city. Stollin around during the day turns in to amazing dinner and vibrant city lights at night. If you come during holiday season in christmas time the city is beautifully decorated and Tour de Eiffel sparkles like never before. 

Paris oh Paris! Until next time. 

X Linda

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