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I am Linda, based out of Sweden but mostly traveling the world. Here you will find my travel tips, healthy lifestyle tips, my personal style and lifestyle in general. Thank you for following on my new adventures.


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My Beautiful Fall

My Beautiful Fall fall.jpg

After some time away and many weeks on the road it was time for me go back to Sweden and spend the second half of October and autumn here. I love autumn and it´s one of my favorite seasons and I just love to see when all the leaves change their color. I feel pretty lucky to be able to experience our four beautiful seasons.

The first few days when I got home we had the warmest days it was almost like a late summer weather but it only lasted for a few days.

There is something special when it changes to sweater weather and you can start wearing knits and layers of clothing, and lighting candles at home and cuddle under a blanket. I love the cozy feeling of this. And then there is halloween and the search for the perfect pumpkin and trick or treating with the kids followed by dinner with the fam and then a scary movie at home with my love. It does not get any better then that.

I´ve been going through all of your emails and DM´s and the most frequently asked question I have gotten the past month is what equipment I use for photography, what is the best camera etc, and also how I edit my pictures. I am working on this and in the near future I will post about it and give you all kind of tips and advises on this subject. So bare with me guys, it will come and I will let you know once it does.

As you also have noticed we have gotten a drone and I also got so many questions on which one it is. We got the DJI Phantom Pro Plus and hopefully soon we can start to bring it on new adventures and shoot some really amazing content with it. I am so excited and can´t wait to show you all the upcoming projects in the near future.

Here is the gallery from my beautiful October and autumn back in Sweden. It has been so lovely to spend some time with my family and my love and I am getting ready to leave soon again for all of November on some new adventures so stay tuned :)

Thank you for the forever support and kind messages, it means a lot and I am so glad that you can all come on this beautiful journey and see all of the adventures with me.

X Linda


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Foto 2018-10-22 23 01 13.jpg
Foto 2018-10-22 23 02 44.jpg
Foto 2018-10-22 23 08 35.jpg
Foto 2018-10-25 18 25 36.jpg
Foto 2018-09-13 00 27 56.jpg
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