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I am Linda, based out of Sweden but mostly traveling the world. Here you will find my travel tips, healthy lifestyle tips, my personal style and lifestyle in general. Thank you for following on my new adventures.


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From Marbella With Love

From Marbella With Love

So here is a little update, we´ve been spending a few weeks in Spain away from cold weather and snow. It was really nice and well needed with some vitamin D and to just relax. 

Foto 2018-03-12 13 42 36.jpg
Foto 2018-03-12 13 29 26.jpg

I continued with my detox and cleanse and it´s been going really well. But I had a few weeks where I really had to focus and I became really sick, this is totally normal while doing a detox/cleanse especially if you´re carrying a lot of heavy metals that the body is getting rid of. Then you can get some really uncomfortable symptoms.

I am so glad that so many of you started the detox "with me" and it has been great to follow all of your journeys too. I am also very happy to see that so many of you have tried my advise for your thyroid gland and that it actually have worked for so many of you. Nothing makes me more happy. I am trying to answer all of your emails as often as I can, and I love to see that I can inspire you guys to the better and that is my main goal, to help others to be the very best version of themselves. 

If you missed my post How I balance my thyroid gland naturally and the steps towards healing naturally you should head over and read it.   

Foto 2018-03-07 11 00 41.jpg
Foto 2018-03-12 15 42 38.jpg
Marbella Spain beach by Linda Haggh.jpg
Foto 2018-03-15 10 59 53.jpg
Foto 2018-03-12 15 47 45.jpg

I have been spending a lot of time close to the ocean, taking long walks, getting that fresh air and I even started some lighter workouts which has been ok and not stressful for my body. 

Foto 2018-03-12 13 26 05.jpg

Beach finds <3 

Foto 2018-03-10 20 28 01.jpg

From my INSTA story 

Fruit market in Malaga Spain photo by Linda Haggh.jpg

We also visited my favorit fruit and veggies market in Malaga. I love this place so much they have everything and it´s full of life and colors. I always find all of the healthy things that I need here in this market.

Marbella ocean and beach walk Spain photo by Linda Haggh.jpg
Foto 2018-03-06 16 32 28.jpg

As you can see it has been all about relaxing for me. And studying of course. I been so busy with school but I hope to graduate very soon. For all of you who don´t know I am becoming a licensed nutritionist and health coach and I want to specialize on women hormones and hormone health to educate myself for me and my loved ones, and to always be on top of my game and help. This will be my creative platform where I can inspire you with natural health, travel, lifestyle and more.  

Marbella Spain beach walk by Linda Haggh.jpg
Marbella beach Spain by Linda Haggh.jpg

Loads of palm tree pictures, but I just love them so much. 

Wishing you the best day ahead. 

X Linda 

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