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Cyprus Part 2 - Konnos Beach

Cyprus Part 2 - Konnos Beach konnos beach Cyprus.jpg fruit truck.jpg fruits .jpg ice cream truck.jpg konnos beach.jpg
Konnos beach day
stair to Konnos Beach .jpg Konnos bay.jpg
Bay Konnos beach.jpg konnos.jpg Blue bay .jpg

Cyprus is truly pure magic, and there´s loads of small cute spots that you can visit around the island. 

The next stop for me was Konnos Beach which is a little small but really beautiful beach right outside of Ayia Napa. I did some research and I decided that this was a cute little spot that I wanted to visit. I didn´t stay in this area and I only came for the day, however if you chose to stay in Protaras district and in Ayia Napa or Fig Tree Bay, then this little hideaway is very near for you to reach. And in my honest opinion, this is the most clear and turquoise water I´ve seen on the island so far. 

On the way here you´ll also pass Cape Greco sea caves, where you can spot the amazing sea caves and there you´ll get some pretty amazing photos. 

I will wait and do this one with my love, I always wanted to do the love rock with him, so I am saving that for the next time and maybe then we will stay around Ayia Napa or in the Fig Tree Bay area. 

In Konnos beach it is pretty packed with people. But I do suggest that you walk around cause there is some very amazing spots for great photos. You can go down to the beach from 2 ways, one through the diving centre and one through the long stairway depending on where you park. My photos are taken from both of the locations. 

There is a little small restaurant and I think they serve some lighter food and drinks, but I brought my own little picnic that I had on the beach and that´s highly recommended and it was super cozy. 

Wishing you the most amazing weekend! 

X Linda

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