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How My Love Surprised Me For My Birthday

How My Love Surprised Me For My Birthday

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| T-Shirt Moschino |

Céline Sunglasses 

Skirt Old from Berskha

| MCM Stark Backpack |

| FILA Disruptor II Sneakers |

It´s my birth month and the time for the Leo. Every year my love always surprise me with some kind of trip and every year I think that it can´t get any better but it always does. He is very creative and always put a lot of extra thought behind our little getaways and I just love those kind of things. And the best thing is that I can never guess or figure out what he is planning, and trust me I always try cause I´m so curious :) 

It all started with a cozy morning with beautiful roses and some presents. The beautiful backpack in the pictures were one of my presents and I been wanting this one so much. It is the perfect size too. Now we are matching since he has the larger version, how nice is that. 

Then it was time for a little boat trip over to the island of Ven, located between Sweden and Denmark. Once we got there we rented bicycles and went around the island for a full day. It was so pretty and we stopped at so many cute little spots and just looked at the view, listened to the waves and breathing that fresh air. This is the things we love, and I simply love nature so much. It is so relaxing and my mind can just relax. 

Around lunch time we stopped at one of the harbors where they served smoked mackerel with some salad see more on my INSTA story.

We spend a full day on this beautiful island and I can highly recommend for you to visit, it is really beautiful and we will come back for sure. 

As a perfect ending the sunset on our way home was so beautiful and I managed to snap a picture with my phone while we were driving. 

Once we got back home we had a nice dinner and then a movie and cuddle. 

It was an amazing day and once again thank you all, I got so many sweet and kind messages throughout the day. 

X Linda

Golden Hour

Golden Hour

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