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Holiday Season At Tivoli In Copenhagen

Holiday Season At Tivoli In Copenhagen

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Welcome to this magical world of its own, and the beautiful Tivoli Gardens, located in the city centre and in the Capital of Denmark, Copenhagen.

If you like festive lights and all that glitters you should definitely visit Copenhagen and the magical Tivoli Gardens during the winter season. It is basically an amusement park for all ages offering exciting little shops, family friendly rides, rollercoasters, a wide selection of restaurants as well as thousands of magical lights in all type of colors. I always get super excited every time I visit. The park has been opened since 1843 and “they say” that Walt Disney got inspired after his many visits here in the 50´s and I really don´t blame him. Once you visit you´ll understand why.

Inside the park you´ll find 23 restaurants, 15 fast food outlets, 5 bars and 2 cafés which also makes it the biggest dining spot in Copenhagen.

Adding a fourth season to the calendar in 2018 - The Winter Fest that is now held in February makes it even more special with its own ice skating rink in front of the famous Nimb Hotel, this place really made me truly feel like a princess.

Best Time To Visit

I would say that regardless when you go it will always be beautiful and magical however, for me it feels a little bit special and extra during the Christmas Holiday season with all the decorations and the Christmas spirit. They even have fake snow during this time but it looks so real and gives you that special winter feeling. Next time you can visit will be during the beautiful Winter Fest in February. The summer season in mid April to mid September is of course also nice and makes it much nicer to be outdoors specially with the long Scandinavian days during the summer season. And there is a festive theme during Halloween with all the decorations as well. So regardless on which season you chose to go I can assure you that you won´t be disappointed.

How to get there

It is the most convenient spot in the heart of the Danish Capital and city centre. The airport is just 10 min away and the train stops just steps from one of the entrances.

Where To Stay

You could always stay at the famous and beautiful Nimb Hotel - an exclusive boutique hotel offering 38 unique rooms and suits, all of them (except one) overlooking the stunning view of the Tivoli Gardens.

Stay tuned for more exciting hotels in my Copenhagen Guide.

Good To Know

Do keep in mind that The Copenhagen Gardens closes 3 times a year. It is open to the public During the Winter Fest in February, from mid April to mid September, during the Halloween season as well as during the Christmas Season but closes in between those four times of the year.

What I Love

Just wandering around taking it all in. If you visit The Tivoli Gardens during the winter season then make sure to order a traditional hot wine or a hot chocolate in one of the little stands. The home made roasted almonds are also great. If you are there during the summer season then bring a blanket to sit in the grass and just watch the beauty of it all. Also make sure to try the amazing rides and rollercoasters.

X Linda

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One of the many cute little shops inside The Tivoli Gardens

One of the many cute little shops inside The Tivoli Gardens all that glitter.jpg
2018 xmas cute bow.jpg
View Of The Luxurious Nimb Boutique Hotel

View Of The Luxurious Nimb Boutique Hotel tivoli.jpg
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