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How To Get The Motivation To Workout With A Tight Schedule

How To Get The Motivation To Workout With A Tight Schedule

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With a tight schedule and a busy lifestyle we tend to feel more tired and stressed with the results of skipping our workouts. Something I have learned over the years is to keep my workouts consistent since they are benefiting me in so many ways and keeping me more focused, giving me much better sleep and simply staying on top of my game.

I have put together a few tips that I use to get the motivation to workout even with a tight and busy schedule.

Set Your Goals

In order to achieve a bigger goal, set small goals along the way. It might make it easier to see and get to your end goal. It always motivates me to have goals set and once achieving them it makes me feel great and one step closer to my finish line. Also while setting goals it makes you always have something great to look forward to.

Join Group Classes

I decided to join a few group classes a few months back and this has been so beneficial in my workouts. Not only can you try to learn something new you will also meet other great people that shares the same interest as you. I also feel that in a group I tend to work a little harder and push myself a little more. Currently I have joined body pump, body step, pilates and hot yoga to balance it all out and I love it so much.

Frequently Update Your Playlist

Something that really motivates me and gives me life is music. In order to always stay motivated and get that extra energy and endorphins a great tip is to frequently update your playlist and your music. I try to update mine at least every 2 months.

Invest In Some New Gym Gear

You deserve it. Invest in some new workout clothes, earphones or maybe a nice gym bag? In the end of the page I have selected some of the gym gear styles that I´m loving right now.

Learn To Love Your Body

Most importantly learn to love the body that you´re in. We tend to workout for the wrong reasons sometimes and push our bodies for what they are not. Instead of punishing our bodies and let our workouts become negative energy and thoughts for not being good enough we should nourish the body that we´re in and workout cause we love it. Workout to give it fuel and oxygen to take care of us and most importantly be gentle to ourselves. This is somethings I have learned and it is not always easy to find the balance but today I love my body and I workout to feel good about myself and for my wellbeing and health. Not for a number on the scale or any other reasons.

I mostly wear black and white gym gear however sometimes I like to style it with maybe a light pink or nude color. I also mostly own high waist gym leggings cause to me those are the most comfy ones and the ones that make me feel comfortable at the gym or gym class.

I have selected some of my current favs below:


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