How to organize your spice drawer like a PRO

This post do contain some affiliate links to the products that I recommend in order to organize your spice drawer like a pro (just like me) in this post :)

I simply just love spices and our kitchen is full of them since we love to cook a lot at home and we do like to flavor our food with spices from all over the world.

When we travel we always look for a market where we can select fresh locally produced spices and bring all kind of cultures back to our home. That brings me so much joy just writing about it :)

It was really time to spring clean and organize the kitchen drawers and I did have everything at home to prepare it nice and neat I just forgot about it in the every day to day life.

So many of you were asking me the other day when I posted a recipe video about my kitchen and the spice drawer, so I decided it was time to make a informative post about it.

It is actually very simple and only a few steps to make your own spice drawer look nice, clean and tidy. Some of the things that I have at home is very old and they might not sell it anymore. But I did do my very best to research in order to find you guys very similar things if that was the case.

Luckily, some of the things we have in our spice drawer is still available and very affordable.

This is something that will last you for life, and it feels so much more special when you do the things all by your self. I feel that it somehow brings more value to it. Having a organized kitchen and a organized spice drawer does not take a lot of your time, yet it will feel so good when it is done.

The glass jars that we have our spices in are from Ikea. I also found a 12 pack of some very nice and similar glass jars for spices HERE.

The rack I use underneath to hold the spices is a very old one that we had for years and unfortunately they don't sell it anymore however, I found a very similar one HERE.

In the near future I would probably want one in bamboo that I saw that is very pretty. You can have a look at it HERE.

The label maker, oh the label maker is probably the one that I've been getting the most questions about. My love got us this one many many years back. It makes a black label with a white vintage looking text. This is super cute and I love this. I just want to label everything at home :) It is DYMO and you can find it HERE.

NOTE: Make sure that the one you get makes black labels with white text if that is what you want. Some of them make yellow labels.

At Ikea you can actually find most of the things and jars if you want for your over all kitchen.

However I could see that they don't sell the larger jars that I have in my spice drawer anymore.

I found something similar on the IKEA website so have a look, they have a lot in the kitchen section to very affordable prices.

Kitchen inspo from this post:

I hope you enjoyed the post and let me know if you organize your kitchen. I would love to share pictures and ideas of these things.

XO Linda

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