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Updated: Mar 4

Please note that this post do contain some affiliate links to products that I use in my daily life and would like to recommend to you guys. I only recommend products that I can stand behind and speak for out of personal experience. And that I know is good for me and my over all health.

As much as I love taking care of my body and put a lot of thought into what I eat, same goes for my skincare routine. Did you know that the skin is our biggest organ and absorbs every single little thing that we place on it?

And if paying so much attention to what I'm putting into my body, choosing healthy organic ingredients and feeling great about it. Then it only make a whole lot of sense thinking about what I am putting onto my body, right ?

Unfortunately there's a lot of harmful ingredients out there that goes into many skincare products these days, and in the long run this can come to harm our health. It could also cause imbalances that can have a not so great impact on our over all health.

There are many personal care & beauty products that contain chemicals that have been shown to disrupt female reproductive hormones. Harmful ingredients such as parabens have been shown to increase estrogen levels which could contribute breast cancer. Many women today are trying to become pregnant and sadly not succeeding because of their hormonal imbalances.

When I started my health journey many many years back I decided to clean up in my home. That included my skincare products too. Before I decided to get rid of a few things I did a simple test. I stayed away from all of them for about a month, using only natural coconut oil on my skin. Then I started to use them again to see if I had any reactions, and my face just started to flair up with rashes and acne (which I never have). So at that point I kinda knew that it was time to throw them out. Financially it's a bit hard maybe for someone to get rid of and replace everything right away, however you could (like I did) replace them gradually.

When we were visiting Coron in the Philippines there were signs there asking visitors who where snorkling around the clear lakes and reefs to please not use chemical sunscreen because of the damage it's causing the reef. This really had me thinking, if the chemical sunscreens are destroying the reef and its ecosystem, then what is it possibly doing to our bodies ?

We have since many years back swapped out our previous sunscreens for a more natural option that can be safe to use around reefs and in the beautiful ocean. I use a natural SPF that I made myself that contains natural SPF from all natural organic oils such as

almond oil, macademia oil, carrot oil and natural shea butter and cacao butter with an amazing scent of vanilla - I simply just love that smell in the summer and it reminds me of holiday :) This one is not super protective but enough for not so strong sun like the one we get here in Sweden. However, when I need some higher SPF to protect my skin I use a natural sunscreen that is SPF 30.

This is for times while we travel or stay in places where the sun is super strong. If you don't want to make your own I can really recommend Eco cosmetics sun milk SPF 30. This one is so gentle on the skin and it gives a complete natural protection with raspberry seed oil, pomegranate and caraway oil together with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. This one is also completely safe for the coral reefs and this is the one that we use when traveling.

Some of my favorit products, with only natural and organic ingredients:

100 % Pure Cleanser - This organic cleanser is for all skin types, cruelty free and it contains coconut milk, coconut oil and vanilla.

100 % Pure Hydra Drench cream - All natural, organic and perfect for dry and sensitive skin. Also vegan and cruelty free.

100% Pure Acai Pulp Facial Scrub - I use a scrub 1-2 times a week to get rid of any dead skin cells and to feel that extra glow. This scrub is organic, cruelty free and it contain the super food berries acai and goji. Gentle on the skin and can also be used as a mask.

I need to use natural products with no harming ingredients since I've come to realize that my skin

is super sensitive and I really want to balance and take care of my hormonal system to feel great and be great.

My routine:

Every morning I wash my face with warm water to open the pores, followed by cold water to close them up. If I don't use my face cream I simply just place a few drops of natural cold pressed organic coconut oil in the palm of my hand and gently place it on my skin.

During the day especially in summer or warmer climate I use a mist that I've made myself that consists of filtered water and natural organic lavender oil. Lavender oil is anti- inflammatory and relaxing at the same time, smells amazing and reminds me of a relaxing time at the spa. I use the cleanser only on the days when I'm wearing make up.

Drinking loads of water IS also part of my skincare routine since a dehydrated body can give a not so great looking skin. Remember, the skin is a reflexion on our insides and will always tell us if something is wrong.

If you have any great suggestions on all natural skincare products to share, don't hesitate to reach out. I love to share those things with you guys, and you always come with the best ideas and suggestions. Take care of your skin and body, we only have one <3

X Linda

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