The amazing health benefits of chlorella

Let's talk about this amazing all natural super food that is a fresh water blue green algae and that has so many great health benefits.

Chlorella is one of natures most nutrient-dense foods and contain about 60% pure protein, all the essential amino acids, all the vitamins, all the minerals AND the essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6.

Chlorella acts alkaline and helps the body to balance the PH-balance. Chlorella also contain a lot of important enzymes.

Chlorella also has been shown to detoxify radiation and chemotherapy effectively.

The beautiful green color comes from the chlorophyll that is so rich in chlorella up to 4-5 times more then Spirulina.

Chlorella supports your immune system.

One of the great reasons I use Chlorella while I detox is because it detoxifies heavy metals and helps the body to get rid of them. It is very powerful so I normally start with smaller doses and then gradually increase the dose so my body does not get a shock. One big reason that so many women are suffering from thyroid problems could be that the body is full of heavy metals and that can result in a slow metabolism and problems loosing weight. This is a great reson why Chlorella could b helpful when wanting to loose weight.

I always make sure that my Chlorella is organic and I normally use Chlorella as a powder in my green smoothies or juices.

Stay Healthy!

X Linda

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