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Updated: May 21

For many years I used to push my body and I couldn't seem to know what was wrong, since working out is healthy right...

When we workout the body releases cortisol which is the important stress hormone. However, the body can not separate different types of stress. Therefore if you are already under stress and a lot of pressure in your daily life, then pushing your body could be making you feel worse and you might feel that you have hit a wall the day after. I am not talking about pain that you get after a workout like when your muscles are growing. Finding the workout that suits you could make you get the desired results not only faster, but without feeling bad or burned out after exercising.

Working out is suppose to make us feel great. It releases endorphins and there are studies shown that exercise could work great to fight depression. But there are times when you should take a step back and listen to your body and maybe not push it further.

When a heavy workout might not be right for you:

  1. If you feel worse the day after and even more tired and fatigue

  2. When you feel joint pain (not regular pain from working out cause that's normal)

  3. If you feel that the workout gives you dizziness, anxiety or a panic attack. This could be the body telling you that it's not ready for you to push it this hard. Then another way to workout could be something to look into.

I used to push myself super hard in the gym, and I didn't even feel great afterwards. It only made me feel more tired and more exhausted. Once I changed the way I workout and incorporated things that worked well for my body type everything changed.

I like to lift weights occasionally but I am not lifting as heavy as I used to, that only stressed my body more in a not good way at all.

My absolute best workouts that works super well for me is HIIT such as cirkel training and flexibility with my own body weight. I've gotten crazy good results when I started to apply the right methods for my body. Long walks and spending time outdoor for fresh air is also when I feel the very best. Sometimes I like to run but I don't like to run long routs, but rather get my heart rate up high in intervalls and then catch my breath. I try to do 45 min a day of something and most importantly I always listen to my body. So I know when I can push it a lil extra and when I need to hold back. Remember that recovering is as important as the exercise.

Another fav of mine is flexibility and stretch mixed in with yoga and breathing exercises. It works so well for me in my everyday life.

We where made to move and to not sit still for longer periods of time, but what you do and the way you exercise could matter for your health and wellbeing too.

I help and support all of my clients to find what suits them in their everyday life in order to feel amazing and be their very best.

Stay healthy fam!

X Linda

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