Why you should choose organic veggies

Updated: Apr 9

In a modern world full of GMO products there are many reason why we should try to always opt for the most natural and chemical free ones - The organic.

When talking about organic food I often here people say organic or the normal, which makes me think that organic is the normal. Or at least it should be. Organic basically means that it is free of nasty chemicals and pesticides that can actually be harmful for us.

Next time you go to your local store, pay attention to a organic vegetable and then compare it to a non organic one, the same one of course. You might notice that the organic one is much smaller in size. Most likely because it has been grown naturally. Also I've noticed that the organic vegetables gets old or bad only after a few days at home. While the non organic ones could last forever. I do my grocery shopping at least three times a week to always have it as fresh as possible.

Did you know that bees that pollinate fields full of chemicals dies because they can't handle them, and without bees we couldn't survive.

Organic grown vegetables also contain more minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients than the not organic grown. I try my best to always see the whole picture while grocery shopping and I try to use my common sense as much as possible.

A great suggestion is to support your local farmer and get to know how they grow their vegetables in order for you to get the most clean ones. We have a little farmer here in Sweden just a few minutes from our house and I always stay updated with the food they sell and they are always more then happy to keep us well informed.

Stay healthy famzie.

X Linda

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