The programs 

My programs are designed for you to succeed and learn how to eventually manage on your own. 

I've created my three steps program in order for you to get educated on yourself and on your way to long lasting wellness and health. I found that for most people it's not easy to start a new journey towards health and be left on your own. That's why having a support system next to you along the way really works. 

Together we will create new habits in order for you to eventually be able to manage those on your own. You decide exactly how long you want to stay on one program and when and if you want to continue on to the next one. I value all my clients and give them all of my time, therefore I only select a few new spots every month. All of the programs include some type of exercise that suits you and your lifestyle and no gym is needed. 

Your kickstart program

All new clients starts with the kickstart program. This is a 

2 week program designed to kickstart your system into better and healthier habits. After the 2 weeks you will move on to a more relaxed program for another 2 weeks to complete your first month.

Your monthly program

Once you complete your first month you have the option to continue on your monthly program. This program is designed for you to learn with the right tools in order to reach your goals, and eventually feel confident enough to go on your own. Together we are creating a long lasting plan that works for you as a lifestyle, not a temporary quick fix. 

Maintain the lifestyle program

Once you've reached your desired goal and feel confident enough to go on your own, you have the option to join Maintain the lifestyle program. You will continue on your own yet I will check in with you every day to cheer you on and we will still do your check ins once a week. This is for you to feel that you have that extra support in the background and a helping hand if you ever need it. 

Get in Touch

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Do you think that we share the same values and approach on health and lifestyle, and would like a potential collaboration, then don't hesitate to reach out. 

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